November 2011

Chris had a bunch of travel for work so the boys and I spent most of November in Salt Lake City with my family. It was a wonderful visit. We missed Chris a bunch, but got some quality bonding time in with my parents. The boys had a blast soaking up all the Sugar love! November 2011 November 2011 November 2011 We also took some time after Thanksgiving to get some family photos. We had wonderful weather and a lot of fun playing around. You like angry birds right? ;-) DSC_4139 DSC_4175 DSC_3870 DSC_3959 DSC_4010

October 2011

William at 6 months DSC_3565 DSC_3439 Brothers DSC_0028 DSC_3467 Halloween Gabe was very excited about Halloween this year. I let him choose his costume and all he wanted to be was a train conductor. Fitting, as he lives for all things choo choo related. DSC_3370 DSC_3707 William had two costumes. I had picked out an adorable costume that I got at consignment for $8! But this being Texas, it was a little to hot for him to be in his ducky costume for too long. So, with the help of my sister Jessica, an old yellow onsie and a black sharpie, Charlie brown made his Halloween appearance! DSC_0069 This is where he got a little too hot. But the picture is just too cute not to share! DSC_0036 My sweet, comfy and COOL Charlie. 6304197889_f14f190fe3_o DSC_3505

Growing up

Gabe has recently passed two MAJOR milestones this past month. The first and most exciting, (for me anyway) is potty training. Gabe is now officially potty trained! It is still weird to me to talk about the bathroom habits of a two year old but I am just so gosh damn proud of him I am going to. He hasn't had an accident in, well I can't remember the last one. Really there have only been a handful of them since we started. Now he is an independent potty goer. It's so exciting to see him hop up from the sofa, or stop playing trains, just to walk into the bathroom and "use it" without any mention from Chris or I. Nothing says, "I'm a big kid now" like being able to handle your own crap. Ha! Being back to only one kid in diapers is pretty nice.

Enough potty talk, on to milestone number two! We have a preschooler here folks! And he loves it. And I mean LOVES IT! Almost every morning when I walk into Gabe's room the first thing he asks me is, "school today mommy?". (With the exception of this morning when he asked for ice cream which is another story. ) Gabe is going to school two days a week and is very upset in the afternoons when I pick him up. He loves to talk about his new "friends" and his favorite teachers Mrs Betty and Mrs Tonya. I just wish I could understand all the names he keeps saying. Some days I think he is saying things like Keven and Kaylee then the next it sounds like Kara and Presby. I think I'm pretty sure Kara = Sara Paige and Presby = Presley. Needless to say, he is having a ball.


walking in to school

In preparation for preschool I took on the challenge of making Gabe's nap mat. It turned out pretty good I think and he really likes it. He has even taken a few naps at home in it.

Nap mat I made for Gabe

Nap mat I made for Gabe

While I'm on the topic of projects I have to make a quick mention of the glider my mom helped me refinish. And by help I mean she did most of the work. Ha! But it turned out great!
It went from this-

To this-

And finally I can't have a blog post without my sweet Will. He is growing fast and even working on some teeth. I sure do love my little chunky monkey!



Four months

A lot has happened in the past few months. William is growing fast and is now weened and taking a bottle. We go in for his four month well visit tomorrow so we can see just how big he is. I wouldn't be surprised if he is over 16 pounds already. He also has a new favorite, his little stuffed giraffe, yet to be named.

Will loves his giraffe

Will loves his giraffe

He is also talking up a storm. His little personality is starting to shine through. He is going to be such a charmer.
You talkin to me?


Gabe is quite the big brother. He is really taking to his new roll and is very protective of Will and also very proud to show him off where ever we go.


sweet brothers

The biggest news however is that Gabe is potty trained! We are so proud of him. We still have a few accidents every now and again but they are rare, he is only two you know. But he is in his new big boy pants all the time except while sleeping.
Gabe is also quite the swimmer. He has been taking lessons and can now swim, float, swim. This summer has been so exciting!
Here is a link to a video of his swimming.

Finally, here are photos of the boys at the same age. Gabe is the top photo, Will the bottom. Gabe seems to be a bit more cheeky but still so similar. My two cuties.

Gabe 4 months


Can you tell who is who?


Gabe is the top photo, Will the bottom.
I still cant get over how much they look alike, I expected them to look a little alike, but exactly the same? Its like they are identical twins two and a half years apart.
As soon as I can catch a picture of Will smiling I will compare again.